Free Swim School for all Refugee Children - Summer 2022

Simskolan Små Grodorna (Little Frogs’ Swim School) offers free swim courses to all children who has been forced to flee their home countries to Sweden (within the last 2 years) and all children suffering from cancer.

Each course is one week long (Monday to Friday) in the summer and are held outdoors, on beaches of lakes and the sea. Classes are given from 20th of June to 12th of august. Each lesson is 30-40 minutes long. Most of the children are 4- 8 years old.

Små Grodorna teaches through play and wants the children to have as much fun as possible during their swim week and that they feel safe. All activities are voluntary so if a child is nervous or afraid of an activity they can watch and join again for the next one.

Our web site, SimskolanSmaGrodorna.se, is in Swedish only unfortunately but we have some information in English and in Ukranian.

Below you will find information about our levels and how to book your free course.

All our swim teachers are experienced in the profession and/or in other pedagogical professions such as school teachers or kindergarten teachers. They have all proven that they have no criminal record. They have education as swim teachers and in beach safety. Parents sit on the beach and can watch the full lesson. Welcome to join us this summer!


You need to choose the right level for your child, based on their skill (and age). Most children are 4-8 years old in our swim school. We have the following levels:
  • Simlekis – Swim Kindergarten
    This is the course for children who are 4 years old.

  • Nybörjare 1 – Vattenvana – Beginners 1 – Water Skills
    For children 5 years old or older who do not yet dare to dip their head below water. We practice water skills and swimming.

  • Nybörjare 2 – Simtagen – Beginners 2 – Breast strokes
    For children 5 years old or older who do dare to dip their heads. We practice water skills and swimming.

  • Nybörjare 3 – Knäcka simkoden – Beginners 3 – Crack the swim code
    For children who have had at least 10 classes of breast stroke swimming and can do the breast strokes but cannot yet swim 10 meters.

  • Nybörjare 4 – Nå simkunnighet – Beginners 4 – Reach the ability to swim
    For children who can swim at least 10 meters breast strokes, but not yet 200 meters.
Swim kindergarten is only for 4 year old children.
For level 1 and 2 we would recommend ages below 9 years old. Most children in these courses are 5-6 years old.
For level 3 and 4, kids can be up to 11 years old.

How to book

Our web site is in Swedish so we provide instructions on how to book below. If you’re having problems, please ask a Swedish person for help or use translate.google.com. We have limited possibilities to provide support, but if nothing else works, contact us.

This is how you book a free course:

  1. Contact us to get your coupon code
    On our contact page, scroll down to the contact form.

    Fill it out and include a photo of your passport or similar document to show you qualify for our offer (coming to Sweden as refugees in the last two years).

    Let us know how many children you have.

    We will send you a coupon code as fast as we can (normally within 48 hours). Once you have it you can proceed and book your course for free.

  2. Choose your course
    Go to our product page for your city/municipality, for example Stockholm – See the list of places above.

    Choose a beach that is near you at a week that suits you.

    Choose a course in that week – choose a level that is suitable for your child (see above descriptions).

    Click the button ”Lägg i varukorg” (add to cart).

  3. Add to cart
    On the cart page you add the coupon code you will have received from our customer service.

    Fill out the field labeled “Rabattkod” (Coupon code) and click “Använd rabattkod” (apply coupon code)

  4. Fill out your information
    You need to fill out your name (Förnamn and Efternamn), address (Gatuadress, Postnummer and Ort), phone number (Telefon) and email (e-postadress and Confirm email), and at least your child’s first name (Barnets förnamn).

    Click “Slutför köp” (complete the booking) to book your course. If you have applied the coupon code correctly it will not cost you anything.

    You will receive emails with information – these are in Swedish unfortunately but you can translate on translate.google.com.
You are very welcome to join us this summer.

Små Grodorna håller intensivkurser i simning för barn utomhus vid stränder under sommaren.

Syftet är säkra barn

Simskolans syfte är att barnen ska bli säkra i och kring vatten – barnen får lära sig vattenvana, att simma och om säkerhet.

Simskola ska vara kul

Vi gör simundervisning så rolig som möjligt för barnen, med lekar och sagor. Våra pedagogiska lekar hjälper också barnen att komma över sina rädslor för vatten.

Vi vill att barnen ska längta till nästa simlektion och för många barn blir simskolan det bästa på hela sommarlovet.

Barnen utvecklas i sommarsimskolan

Barnen lär sig simma och förbättrar sin motorik. De blir vana vid vattnet. De blir modigare. De lär sig att kämpa för att klara sina mål. De får ta simmärken. Och de får träffa nya kompisar.

För att boka, klicka på din ort ovan. Varmt välkomna!

Vad våra underbara elever och deras föräldrar tycker om Simskolan Små Grodorna.